MPQ Growler

Michael Radtke has been performing as the Multiple Personality Quartet (MPQ) for four years. MPQ is:

  • Mick, the flamboyant, brash growling voice of the group, who thinks he's a dog, and demands excitement and passion.
  • Mikey, the shy one, flitters on the edges of anxiety, nervousness and raw emotional gushing, and has a high falsetto.
  • J.R., also called Racky, gets carried away with musical dexterity, doesn't sing, but on occassion will whistle.
  • And lastly, Mike, the traffic controller, feels a little crowded on stage most times, but is secretly glad that the others are there to jump in when needed. Although, nothing is really a secret among one's selves.

His detractors say "It's only a show" and Racky would be the first to say "Well, what isn't these days? We live in the times of the tweeting President?". However, Mike would readily admit that the MPQ allows him to not only switch voices to sing these tunes but also mix up the styles of his music. The MPQ embraces country, folk, pop, rock, r&b, swing, americana, tin pan alley, lullabyes, hymns and hers. No musical genre is ignored. Or safe.

MPQ Logo

Mick talks about the others: "J. R. has real dedication, just like the command 'stay': it takes a lot of energy not to pee on the carpet or scratch at the door to leave. Mikey is probably more dog than I am, one of those little lap dog-a-doodles, since he senses when something is out of whack. He's as nervous as a dalmation or irish setter. If I owned him, I would take him for a run. And Mike, what can I say? He's a control freak, always coaxing me out for some exercise and then snatching the bone from sight. He's okay on stage though, he gets things done."

J.R. talks about the others: "The other three are hacks. Slackers. They don't care about musicianship. I, however, know I suck. I tried to run a scales class on Monday mornings. It took Mick three weeks before he figured out it didn't have anything to do with fish. Mikey is probably the most gifted, but with his problems, that will never see the light of day. They all got the basics though, I try to hold them to a beat and harmonic structure, and the result comes out palpable."

Jazzy Racky

Mikey talks about the others: "I love all four of us. That's right. I love myself. I think that's important, don't you? Mick is the dog I never had growing up: the dog I had growing up was obediant and trained. Mick is wild, carefree, and the animal I embrace when I try to latch on to the dark side of the lyrics. Racky, you got to love his commitment to playing -- I call him J.Z. sometimes just to get on his nerves. A lot of his friends called him J.R., Jazzy Racky, a long time ago. I think he appreciates the J.Z., but we will never know, he shuts everybody out. And Mike. How does he do it? He juggles our wide range of dispositions like a chainsaw and bowling balls. I am in awe of him, he is my hero. But he tends to be ostentatious, maybe that's Mick's influence -- or withdrawing, probably my influence."

Mike talks about the others: "They said what? Was I there? Did you even try to get in contact with me? We need to calm down the rhetoric before a major fight breaks out. If that happens on stage it ain't pretty. I'll take Mick for a walk and a beer in a bowl. And Mikey, well I think I'll call my sisters, that will keep him entertained. J.R.... I'll think up some new chord pattern ideas, or better how about an eleven bar blues? That will take care of him for a week."

Mike befuddled