Michael Radtke
Michael Radtke is a songwriter/performer from Northern California.
Michael Radtke is a Northern Californian songwriter who performs his Americana songs as the Multiple Personality Quartet.
Michael Radtke is an Americana songwriter. He performs as the Multiple Personality Quartet allowing him to use distinct voices and musical styles. He lives and plays in Northern California.
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Michael Radtke has been writing songs since he was 13. The breadth of his compositions range from swing to rockabilly, from show tunes to country ballads. Once the front man and keyboard player for Mad Fables, Radtke has been performing for over 40 years. Currently, he performs as the Multiple Personality Quartet which provides a venue for him to sing in different voices. He makes his home in Sonoma, California.
Michael Radtke was born in Hackensack, New Jersey on July 28, 1951. After being slapped on his butt by the delivery doctor, he sang a rendition of Al Jolson's Mammy. Both of his parents played piano, although with five children, their opportunities to do so were few and far between. His mother's piano style favored Claude Debussy, while his father's tended towards boogie-woogie. Thus, Michael's ear developed as debussy-woosy. more...
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CD Release Party Part 1
Red Barn 9/2018
CD Release Party Part 2
Red Barn 9/2018
Sweet On You
Sonoma Busking 7/28/2018
Boo Radley (Boogieman)
Sonoma Busking 7/28/2018

Howlin' at the Moon
Redwood Cafe, Cotati 3/2018

Complicated Thing
Redwood Cafe, Cotati 3/2018

We're Christmas

Blue Moon Saloon
Kate Wolf Festival 6/2015

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Looks Like You Lose
Spring Feast i5/2011

Spring Feast 5/2011

Spring Feast 5/2011

Southern Yankee
Spring Feast 5/2011
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EPK press

    "Start with a traveling song, throw in a bunch of candy, a few dogs, a broken tailgate, a May-September romance and a boogeyman and you have the recipe for an impressive CD of original songs. Michael Radtke's Growler (a double entendre for his occasional gravelly voice and a reference to 64-ounce beer jugs) is a fun, feel-good listen from start to finish."

- Chris Samson, editor emeritus, Petaluma Argus-Courier

    "The songs are personal yet accessible, sarcastic, sentimental, awkward and funny. 

- Lauren Pressley, WBHX, 99.7 FM

Some fellow songwriter's comment on Radtke's songs (each quote taken from Radtke's West Coast Songwriters performance of different Growler songs):

    "Funny play on words - clever!" - Steve Seskin

    "Love the message of your song! The details do a great job of telling your story. Very Clever. Nicely done!!" - Cliff Goldmacher

    "Powerful lyrics and emotional delvery" - Bill Cutler

    "Fun lyrics, quirky, entertaining. I like the campiness." - Amy Wigton

    "Lovely lyrics, so evocative of early 1900's. Really enjoyed it! I loves the (chord) progression " - Teresa Tudury

    "Love the old-time swing jazz undertone...even a bit of Satchmo in your vocal delivery!" - Kevin Russell

    "Some great lines. Topic and music work together great! Loved the vocal play in the chorus. Thanks!" - Michael Capella

    "A fine solid tune." - Hugh Shacklett

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